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Child Custody

Child Custody/Visitation/Support


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If you are involved in a dispute involving the custody of a minor child, you want an attorney with experience, one who will help you identify all your options so that you can make informed choices that are in the best interests of your children while protecting your rights as a parent. You also want a lawyer who understands the emotions that come into play when you are making decisions about the future of your child.

At the Law Offices of Charrow & Slee, in Northridge, we have over 29 years of experience representing clients throughout the San Fernando, Santa Clarita, and Antelope Valleys. Because we understand the stress and anxiety that can accompany child dispute issues, whether it be custody, visitation, or support, we place a high priority on personal service and attention. You do not deal with a paralegal or secretary when discussing your important legal matters. Contact our offices online to schedule a confidential consultation.

Our Child Custody Practice

In California, the law requires that the court give priority to the best interests of the child when making any orders regarding custody and visitation. Whether the child is born from a traditional relationship, a domestic partnership, or “ships passing in the night,” the court must always look to what is best for the child. Sometimes, it is very easy for the court to make this determination because it is blatantly obvious. However, more often, each parent is as good as the other, and each has been a wonderful, loving parent, equally involved in the child’s upbringing.

We realize that protracted battles involving custody and visitation rarely benefit anyone, least of all the child. Accordingly, we will work hard to help you facilitate a beneficial custodial parenting plan – without sacrificing your rights as a parent.

Modification issues involving custody and visitation often arise years after a final judgment. The child is no longer three or four years old. The child is now a teenager with different needs and may prefer one parent over the other. The parent may seek the assistance of the court by an Order to Show Cause re: Modification. Modifications can affect the amount of support paid, or if the custodial arrangement remains the same while the economic status of either parent has changed due to a layoff or other legitimate reason, either party may seek to modify the support order.

Whatever the circumstances, we are there to assist at reasonable rates. Your attorney’s fees should not be your worst “nightmare” during emotional times.

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