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Such proceedings often involve one or all of the following issues, including child custody, visitation, child and spousal support, property division, retirement and pension division, and assignment of debt. We navigate through all issues with caring and personal attention.

northridge child support
Custody, Visitation, and Child Support Outside of Marriage

Children are often born to loving parents outside of marriage. All custody, visitation, and support issues are essentially the same as in a traditional marriage. We handle these situations as well as child issues in a domestic partnership setting. No matter the circumstances, man or woman, we work to protect your rights while working toward the best interests of your child.

northridge property division
Property Division

In the typical divorce case, homes, computers, vehicles, furniture, pensions, IRA’s, and stock accounts must be divided. California is a community property state where all such assets must be equally divided. However, complications and the very nature of the status of property itself, whether community or separate, often arise. This office will capably resolve all such issues while protecting your rights. We also handle property division for parties who purchase homes together, have had a falling out, and are now unable to determine the procedure for splitting property through sale or settlement.

northridge bankruptcy

Whether you are single, married, or going through a divorce, the current economy may have you considering a Chapter 7 discharge of your unsecured debts or a Chapter 13 filing to save your home. Most people seek to avoid bankruptcy and may even view it as ethically and morally wrong. However, bankruptcy is a lawful way to get a “new start” in life – to get your financial house in order. Under the new 2005 law, bankruptcy is much more complicated. You need the seasoned law offices of Charrow and Slee.

northridge landlord tenant
Landlord Tenant

This office represents property management companies, strip mall owners, mom and pop rental property owners, and individual home owners – having trouble with their tenants – whether failing to pay the rent or violating other provisions of the lease. Eviction laws tend to be the most intricate laws in California. If the proper procedure is not strictly followed, the case can be thrown out of court, resulting in the loss of rent for many months. Through our perspective gained through representing landlords, we also protect the rights of tenants. As a tenant, your landlord must follow a strictly construed procedure in order to evict you. We know the law.

northridge probate and estate administration
Probate and Estate Administration

If you have been named as executor, administrator or personal representative of the estate of a friend or family member, you want an experienced attorney to help you through the probate process, so that you can quickly and properly settle the estate. An experienced estate administration lawyer will know how to shepherd you through the process and how to minimize the chances that the decedent’s will is disputed.

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